How free of charge to create e-mail

How free of charge to create e-mail

E-mail allows the owner of a message instant correspondence with friends and colleagues, to exchange files, to download the mass of useful information from the Internet and to make a set of other actions. The benefit that registration of mailboxes on the majority of servers is absolutely free.

It is required to you

  • The computer with Internet access.


1. Select a mail service. The most popular of them are,, Yandex and Google. They differ among themselves with the interface and the size of a mailbox. Opportunities at them are almost identical, but, perhaps, the most innovative of them is Gmail - a mail service of the Google company. Select that from them which is pleasant to you more.

2. To register on any e-mail server, visit the homepage of the website. On Yandex, for example, it is located at At the left the window with two free fields where it is necessary to enter the login and the password for access to a mailbox is located. And near them the inscription "Get Mail" or "Registration in Mail". Click it.

3. You got on the login page of mail. Enter queried personal data in free fields. This name, a surname, date and year of birth, the city and a floor is normal. Then think up the login and the password which are better for writing then in the computer on some file or on paper.

4. In case you will forget the password and the login, hints are provided in a system. For this purpose at registration it will be necessary to select a confidential question and the answer to it, or to enter the mobile phone number. It is better to specify the last real, nominal the message with the code for restoring access to your mailbox will be sent to it.

5. After the indication of all necessary data enter characters from the picture and click "Register". The system will check all entered data and if everything is made correctly, will register your electronic mailbox.

6. For an entrance to it visit the homepage of the website again and enter the thought-up login and the password in the free fields located at the left pages under the inscription "Mail". Learn the e-mail addresses of the friends and write them the letter from the new box, following hints of a system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team