How free of charge to order the website

How free of charge to order the website

Today speak about advantage and importance of existence of own website much and often. Here only not each person is able to create these websites, and professionals for the services request sometimes dozens, and even hundreds of thousands of rubles. The considerable sum should be laid out also for further development of a resource without which its existence does not make special sense. But what to do if your budget is limited? Whether it is possible to receive the website free of charge?


1. Free of charge it is possible to order the website today in many web studios including in the large, known companies. Of course, the website to you will be presented not just like that, and at the order of advance of a resource, is more rare – any other service. As a rule, the companies ask the client to pay services in promotion of the website for several months ahead (at least 2-3 months) at once. In some studios such action works only temporarily, in others – free creation of the websites is offered constantly.

2. To find web studio which is engaged in free creation of the websites enter request in the search engine: "the website free of charge at the order of advance". You receive dozens of offers from various companies.

3. Before selecting the company and to sign the contract, attentively check offer conditions. How many should you pay? What services do you receive for this money? What result will you be able to achieve? What guarantees does the company give?

4. Study a portfolio of web studios. Evaluate examples of the websites which are offered within service "the website free of charge". Look what results the company in website promotion of the clients achieved. It is good if among successful examples there is at least one website similar from your subject.

5. Compare price offerings of several companies. The cost of advance of a web resource, as a rule, is calculated individually. Therefore it is impossible to be limited to viewing a price, contact the manager and ask to send the price offer specifically for your future website.

The prices in the different companies can strongly differ: as well as the offered services. You should not chase the most economic option. Select an optimum combination of the price and quality. It is better to pay more company which will create for you the qualitative website and will be able to bring him to the leading positions in search engines. Such attachments will surely pay off.

6. Sign the contract with the selected web studio.

7. One more opportunity free of charge to receive the website is a cooperation in barter when you pay for service of creation of the website not in money, and equivalent service. What it will be service, depends on your opportunities. For example, if you want to order free of charge the corporate website, then in exchange can offer goods which are implemented by your company or the professional help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team