How free of charge to watch TV on the computer

How free of charge to watch TV on the computer

If you spend much time at the computer, it is possible to watch telecasts directly on the monitor - in the full-screen or window mode. For this purpose there are hardware, hardware-software also software.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Linux or Windows;
  • - the TV-tuner which interface is compatible to a computer form factor;
  • - screw-driver (for installation of the internal tuner);
  • - television antenna;
  • - unlimited Internet access.


1. The external TV-tuners which are switched on between the video card and the monitor allow not to install any programs on the computer. Generally they are intended for use together with VGA standard monitors. Selecting such device, give preference to the model allowing to watch transmissions not only on the full screen but also in a small window which can be moved. Then you will be able to gather or edit, for example, along with viewing texts. If there is no such function in the tuner, it can be switched to the mode when there is no image at all, and it is only possible to listen sound to maintenances. This mode is convenient if program is music or colloquial. Consider that to rearrange the plug of columns from the sound card in the tuner and it is back inconvenient.

2. The internal tuner is installed in the free PCI slot of the motherboard. A separate cord he unites to an input of the sound card. To use it after installation in the computer, in Linux start the Tvtime or Xawtv program, and in Windows - the software package from a set of delivery of the tuner or from the website of his vendor, or the universal Kastor TV program.

3. The laptop has neither PCI slots, nor a VGA cord (there is only a short loop connecting a matrix to the motherboard for connection of the tuner unsuitable). Together with such machines use the tuners connected via the USB interface. Consider that many of them are not compatible to Linux.

4. It is the best of all to buy the tuner (any of the listed above types) of such model that in it there was a support of digital television according to DVB-T2 standard. Then it can use also after shutdown of analog broadcasting. Otherwise it is necessary to connect quite bulky prefix decoder to it.

5. If the computer is connected to unlimited and rather fast Internet channel, it is possible to watch on it telecasts and without use of additional hardware. For this purpose use services of the website, the reference to which is given at the end of article. Viewing most channels is possible only at the installed Flash plug-in, and some will require Silverlight plug-in (in Linux - Moonlight).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team