How just to load files on Shutterstock

How just to load files on Shutterstock

The instruction how quickly and just to load vector illustrations on Shutterstock

It is required to you

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • A little bit time


1. Log in the Shutterstock account.
Pass to Submit Photos, select Vector/Illustrations (in the middle)

2. Load pictures two files, at first EPS, then JPEG. Both files should have the identical name differing only in expansion (for example 1.eps and 1.jpeg, then 2.eps and 2.jpeg and so on). Do not send JPEG files alone at all even if on them it is accurately visible that it is vectors. It is necessary to put EPS.

3. After all of you loaded (at you it turned out 20, but not 10 files), pass to the page with keywords. Here you will be waited already by 10 pictures which are automatically noted by the inscription Vector and a corresponding mark of Yes in the graph Illustrations/Clipart. In names it is necessary to specify what is really represented in an illustration (better to specify the name without detailing, for example Abstract Vector Background), it is already best of all to detail in tags to expand search borders.

4. You select all pictures, and you send to examination.
Always you remember that if you did not pass examination - it it is possible to pass an unlimited number of times.
Do not give up, it is worth it!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team