How many versions at the game CS

How many versions at the game CS

Counter-Strike - one of the most known network computer games. There are several versions of this game, each of which has the merits and demerits.

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1. Counter-Strike 1.6
Counter Strike 1.6 – the oldest version of popular network shooter. But, despite this, in it still play thousands of players. This version has tough physics, and it means that management in it is much easier, than in upcoming versions of a game. It is much more pleasant and easier to play in a command Counter Strike 1.6. The version is also less resistant to loading of different configurations that considerably simplifies both game process, and operability of a game.
From minuses it is possible to select very old graphics which was relevant only in 2002. A set of cards in a game have defects: the player can just shoot a thick wall through and is accidental kill the player. The majority of different user modifications have ""bugs"" that gives an inconvenience to all players of Counter Strike 1.6. In addition, this version has weak protection against chit-codes which are applied by some players. "Cheaters" spoil all game to honest players. In a game the imbalance of some types of weapon is also observed: so-called "skorostrelka" have clear advantage in the field of fight, so it is not favorable to use other types of weapon.

2. Counter-Strike: Source
Counter Strike: Source is the best version of a game. It has more powerful game engine, than at 1.6. Management in a game quite realistic, the physics of oruzhiya was balanced. This version has good graphics that attracts a great number of players. In addition, stronger protection against "cheaters" was built-in. Unlike 1.6, in Source of the player will not be able to kill through a thick wall. All cards in a game are worked perfectly out.
But also Counter-Strike: Source has a number of shortcomings too. For murder of the opponent the player can sometimes spend a half, and even all holder. The lack of a story line can confuse some players. Also in a command it became more difficult to play as shelters on the card became much less in comparison with 1.6.

3. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Unfortunately, at the game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is not enough advantages. From pluses it is possible to select only the career mode where players can pass different tasks together.
From minuses it is possible to select bad graphics, game process and the unrealistic atmosphere. Also in a game there is no protection against chit-codes that spoils all impression of game process.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – a game which takes good old version 1.6 as a basis. The majority of cards from 1.6 were processed: textures were improved, new objects and shelters are entered. Weapon models also underwent changes: they became realistichny, and fighting characteristics are brought closer to real prototypes. The arsenal of weapon was replenished with Molotov cocktails and an electronic grenade.
But it will become difficult to some players to play because of the changed physics – in last versions management was smooth and easy. Also many fans will not like transfer of checkpoints on some cards.

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