How not to fall a victim of Internet swindlers

How not to fall a victim of Internet swindlers

Fraud on the Internet – the phenomenon frequent. Not to fall into a trap swindlers, it is necessary to know what schemes they use for receiving our money or information.


1. The most widespread scheme – counterfeit e-mails. Bulk mailing is usually used, but there are also single letters. They can be used to obtain any data, for example, date of birth or a maiden name of mother. This information is used for cracking of the account subsequently.

2. In addition to data acquisition, similar letters can contain different recommendations to earnings of lungs of money. For example, can write to you that having put money for any account, to you the sum which will be five times more will return, it is necessary to specify the special password only in the note. Of course, no magic increase in money can be.

3. One more very widespread scheme is pseudo communication at forums. For example, you look for some remote file. Here the subject at a forum in which the user looks for the same opens. The administrator sends it the link and says that there it is necessary just to accept SMS. Then there are enthusiastic responses and a lot of "thanks". However upon you you will only send money to the malefactor, and do not receive the file.

4. Sale of different passwords to the closed websites and paid programs. They cost quite much, and swindlers suggest to buy necessary information for ridiculous money (usually 1-5 dollars). Many users peck on such rod and send the blood. Of course, they do not receive any passwords. At most – automatically generated cipher which is available on the free websites.

5. Recently became popular the scheme of earnings in online casino. Like, if to work according to the simple scheme, then in day it is possible to receive on several thousands of dollars. It is no secret, that they only enrich owners of similar resources. However a great number of novice users take these schemes in all good faith and stake, often rather big.

6. Special attention should be paid on swindlers who are active under the guise of online stores. They offer goods at really ridiculous prices and work only on prepayment. They, as a rule, explain low cost with the fact that delivery will be paid by the client.

7. First, always check the comments left on similar resources. Secondly, compare the prices with other online stores, they should not differ strongly. Thirdly, look at the term of existence of the website if to it only several days, and around the set of enthusiastic responses and any negative, then are better to refrain from purchase.

8. One more widespread type of fraud – karting, that is illegal use of someone else's cash cards. There is a huge number of ways of obtaining personal data – from the false websites to personal calls. For example, you can call, be provided by the employee of bank and ask the data specified on the card. It is impossible to do it at all. Disclose to nobody personal data of the card if you do not want to lose all means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team