How not to fall into dependence on the Internet

How not to fall into dependence on the Internet

Development of computer technologies and distribution of the Internet brought in life of most of people of the planet an opportunity to communicate with the interlocutor virtually, that is not directly, and by means of gadgets: mobile phones, tablets, laptops. On the one hand, it became rescue for the people who are in separation as they got an opportunity to communicate more often. However on the other hand, communication online sometimes substitutes real life.

It is important to feel an edge

Very few people are capable to realize and understand how fine and brittle the line between the real and virtual worlds is. In the subway, the share taxi, cafe, at a student's lecture – today the people who "stuck" to the favourite device everywhere meet. It is often possible to observe how in the company of the gathered people one character does not let go the gadget, prodolzhdy to correspond with the virtual interlocutor or to pass another quest. This person, most likely, already we depend on the virtual world.

It is wrong to think that to live in virtual reality – a prerogative of teenagers and junior students. Now this universal phenomenon. The average Internet user spends 17 hours a week in networks of a web. It is important to know how not to get confused in it finally and not to become Internet and dependent.

There is a number of signs by which it is possible to determine the dependence on the Internet. First of all, if you have a depression, apathy, you loses appetite in the absence of Internet access and an opportunity to play online games and to write two-three of messages to friends from social networks, then be sure: you become dependent on the Internet to a degree. Of course, children's and teenage mentality are more subject to harmful influence of resources of world network.

How not to get in a web

However it is possible to save itself and the children. It is enough to conform to the simple rules. First, think and write for what purposes you use the Internet during the day. Certainly, business hours it is not counted. Observe how many minutes or hours you spend for games, correspondence – it time should not exceed time of "real" life, that is visits of cinema, cafe, on shops, on walk and so forth. It is not recommended to spend at the computer more than 10 hours in a row at all.

Secondly, do not forget to care for health. It is no secret that continuous sitting at the computer provokes a poyavlyaeniye of such diseases as osteokhodroz cervical department of a backbone, deterioration in sight and so forth. To remain healthy, take a break, alternating virtual and real lives, for example, find a new hobby or remember, than were engaged when there was no Internet.

It is clear, that not each person will be able to control the stay on social networks, at forums and so forth independently. If you live with someone else, then ask this person to control your time on the Internet. By the way, it is possible to resort to programs assistants which will remind of exceeding of "limit" of virtual life.

At all this it is important to realize and not to forget that the Internet is only means for achievement of goals, an opportunity to work and earn, but in any way not the world replacing real life with its problems and difficulties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team