How not to react to the angry comment

How not to react to the angry comment

Communicating in network, it is possible to meet the mass of wonderful interesting people, pleasant interlocutors. But it happens that in response to your expression someone answers unfairly sharply, it as if provokes you on a bet, and you lose composure.


1. Most likely, you faced the Internet troll. Such people are enough at any forum. Their task – not so much communication, how many provocation of squabbles and disputes in the course of discussion. The discussion with them quickly gets negative tone with transition on the personality, constructive in such correspondence is not present on a penny, but it is all the same difficult for you to stop a senseless squabble: so there is a wish to reward the offender according to the deserts and to prove that he is not right.

2. Actually, matter not so much in the troll which hid on that side of the monitor, how many in you. Vvyazavshis in a dispute, very much proving the point of view, any person including you, wish to ego-trip. The passion for various disputes is a disturbing symptom, according to psychologists. It says that at the person not everything is all right with a self-assessment.

3. Think over it, look for problem roots out of Internet communication. Perhaps, in real life you have no opportunity for self-realization or you have problems in communication with relatives. It seems to you that they do not appreciate and do not understand you. Discussions on the Internet is an attempt of compensation not enough appreciation from people around.

4. Subconscious desire to punish itself can serve as other reason forcing the person to go to the useless mats. Perhaps, at heart you punish yourself for the fact that you do not find forces and opportunities to resist to offenses in normal life and also are inclined to wait passively in a critical situation when business to be resolved by itself.

5. Anyway, the main responsible for the arisen unpleasant dispute are you. Not to get involved in the similar conflicts, it is necessary to understand for a start himself and the internal problems.

6. For now it did not happen, a way of fight against trolls only one – full ignoring. If you feel that the discussion takes the scandal form, just depart from the monitor, close a forum tab, and switch off the computer even better. Remember that you answered the troll, it will lead only to a new round of an unpleasant conversation.

7. Try to distract, be engaged in daily affairs, just walk down the street. Not bad physical exercises remove nervous tension. It is possible to take a shower, representing in process as water jets wash away all negative that disturbs you – water perfectly cleans the power field.

8. If nevertheless it is impossible to distract and in you literally everything bubbles from perturbation, write to the troll everything that you think of it and of his expressions. It is the best of all to make it by hand, on the simple sheet of paper. Do not mince words, splash out all negative which collected at you during the dispute. And when finish, destroy the letter: tear into small pieces or burn. Thus, you receive psychological discharging necessary for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team