How not to save the password in the Agent

How not to save the password in the Agent

The Agent Internet messenger from Ì installed on the computer or a telephone allows to receive notifications on the messages which came to a mailbox. Besides is a great way of communication with friends not only "Agent", but also some other social networks.

It is required to you

  • - the installed "Mail agent".


1. The Mail agent settings allow to execute automatically at turning on of the computer and connection of the Internet connection to network. The similar step will save you from regular introduction to a special form of user accounts – the login and the password. If necessary you at any time will be able to refuse these services to exclude the probability of a login to your account of strangers. In particular, those who have access to your computer.

2. For this purpose during installation "Mail agent" after you select program language, click "Further" and specify settings necessary to you. In the following window note ticks the corresponding points. Thus you will be able to install "Mail agent" for all users if you put an icon opposite to this point. If the window "Needs be installed for all users" empty, access to "the Agent. Майл.ру" will be only at one person. In the same section you will be able to make the home page, to set search of by default, to create labels in a browser window, in the panel of quick start and on a computer desktop and also to execute some more operations. Then click "Further" and wait for end of program installation.

3. Later, at the first start "Mail agent", you will need to become authorized on the website for what it will be required to enter the login and the password. Here you can refuse saving the password. For activation of this function will enough leave empty a window opposite to the inscription "Save the Password". In this case at each start of the program you should enter your accounts into "Mail agent", having come into which you also get access to the mail and "My world".

4. It will be possible to change properties of the password at any time. For this purpose use the Forgot the Password button in a main window "Mail agent". Undergo the procedure of change of the password then remove a tag the line "Save the Password". And only after that click OK for the subsequent transition to data of "agent" and communication with the contacts saved in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team