How quickly to replace ip

How quickly to replace ip

At web surfing quite often there is a need of fast change of the IP address. For this purpose you can use a number of methods among which it is possible to select both use of a specialized software, and work with the relevant web services.


1. The easiest and fast way for change of the IP address is work with applications, similar to the Hide my Ip program. Let's consider their use on the example of this program. Having downloaded it to the address, install it on your computer and start. After start the program will appear in a tray. Click it a mouse and open its working window. Configure it according to your requirements at the moment – select the country which IP address needs to be used and also configure periodic accidental substitution of the IP address if it is necessary. After implementation of actions for which substitution of the IP address was necessary close the application, having disconnected the ip submenu and having pressed the output button.

2. If the last way does not suit you, use the Proxy Switcher program. Download it to the address and install on the hard drive of your computer. After the first start load the list of proxy servers and start their analysis on working capacity. Sort them by response time – than this parameter less, loading of the page necessary to you will quicker happen that quicker than subjects. Select the server suitable you then click it the right mouse button and select from a drop-down menu of "switch to this server". Keep in mind that for direct connection insufficiently just to close a program window, it is necessary to press the Direct connection button previously.

3. You can also use possibilities of the anonymizers similar to service. Pass to the website then select the server necessary to you and enter the address of a resource necessary to you into an address bar on the website. Click a konpka "Forward" then for change of ip you just will need to select other proxy server.

4. If your modem supports function of the dynamic IP address, then you can do without use of third-party services and programs. In this case you need to come into the internal menu of the modem and to make setup according to which at each connection the new IP address will be provided to you. Then reboot the modem manually or by means of the internal program menu, having carried out reconnection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team