How quickly to restore the page

How quickly to restore the page

Loss of access to own account in network - the phenomenon frequent, but quite reparable. Intervention of swindlers, spam sending, violation of the rules of use of service can be the cause of blocking. However it, as a rule, does not affect recovery of the page. This procedure is almost identical on all websites and takes only several minutes.


1. If you suddenly cannot visit the page, check whether correctly you entered credentials, and repeat attempt. If everything is right, and it is not possible to make an input on the website all the same, most likely, access is blocked.

2. Usually for its unblocking it is enough to change the password. For this purpose take place on the home page of the website and in a window where the password and the login are entered, click the link with the inscription "Forgot the Password?". Also pass to the following page.

3. In the new opened window the user needs to remember and enter the login which is used for an input on the website. The following step is to type correctly the code from the picture which will need to be gathered in a special window. If the combination of letters and digits is entered correctly, you will pass to the next stage of the recovery procedure – to the answer to the control confidential question specified during registration on the website.

4. Try to select such question which it is correct answer during registration only you can. It is desirable that strangers could not pick up the answer to it. Therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of a question seriously. The large role is played here also by writing of the text as on the websites the register is considered.

5. Many websites suggest to use already available options as a confidential question. However if necessary you can specify the question and the answer to it.

6. If you do not remember the login, try to enter number of the phone (the way when phone is tied to the page especially helps) or the e-mail address.

7. Having performed the main operations, you will pass to the page where it will be offered to you to change the password. Enter the new code (try that it was the most difficult) and duplicate it once again in a bottom margin.

8. Then return on the home page and specify the updated credentials then you will be able to enter on the personal page. Having appeared on the website again, be not too lazy - come into the section "Setup" and for reliability change the login (if it is possible), a control question. And for safety of personal data periodically update the password.

9. If independently it is impossible to adjust access to the website, write the message to support desk. Its address is in the bottom of the homepage of social service.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team