How temporarily to delete the page

How temporarily to delete the page

Bothered to communicate on social network, you decided to leave it once and for all? You do not hurry to delete the account sharply. The website can be left for a certain time. And in case of need you will be able always to restore a profile and to use it, as before.

It is required to you

  • - personal computer with Internet access;
  • - registration on one of social sites.


1. It is possible to leave the website at any time. But before making the hasty decision, think whether it is worth making a similar step. Otherwise, if you decide to return on the website and to continue communication, you should look for friends again and to restore the lost contacts and photos.

2. Though for some time block the page you after all can. For this purpose it is necessary to turn into settings (usually this section is designated by the icon with the image of an icon of a wrench or gear) and to select the Delete Me from the Website item. As a rule, if within 28-30 days you glance on the page, then the account will be automatically restored. If from the moment of removal there passes term more than the period stated above, the profile will be finally blocked and to return it it will already be an impossible task.

3. But if all of you decided to say goodbye temporarily to the favourite website, let and temporarily, visit the page and perform the tunings corresponding for removal.

4. For example, in popular VKontakte for removal of the account in the main menu select the Setup item and pass into the section "Privacy". Here find a window with the inscription "Who Can Watch the Page" and put the ban for all users. In each point note option "only I" and click "save". After that your page will be hidden for all visitors of the website. You will be able to restore it if within thirty days visit the page. Otherwise the profile will disappear completely.

5. Temporarily it is possible to delete the page and on services of "Rambler". For this purpose on the homepage of the website open the Setup menu from which you will need to pass in the section "Removal of the Questionnaire", and after putting down of a mark about removal – to save changes. And for a while to forget about the disconnected profile. But during 30-days term, you will need to return on the page, otherwise you will finally lose it.

6. Within 28 days after application the questionnaire from the dating site "FotoStrana" is cancelled. For removal of the account it is previously necessary to visit the section "Setup" then on the page of changes to select the Delete Me item. Every other day repeat the request for removal and wait for the term stated above. But if you decide to remain on the website, visit it before the period defined for modification. So you will be able to return on the page and to continue communication.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team