How to accelerate downloading speed

How to accelerate downloading speed

When using the Internet the most important factor is downloading of files with the greatest possible speed. It is necessary to optimize use of the channel of access to network depending on a type of downloading which you use.


1. Speed of downloading of the file depends on three factors: from loading of the channel of access to network at the supplier of service, from your data plan and also from loading of your channel of Internet access. Increase in speed is possible in case of change of a data plan of more high-speed or aside in case of optimization of programs which involve connection to network. Check data plans of your operator and be connected on faster or use the second option depending on type of the program by means of which downloading is carried out.

2. When downloading by means of the web browser it is necessary to disconnect all programs which in any given manner can load the operating channel of connection to network. Disconnect torrents, download managers and messengers. Close all windows besides in which the file is loaded. Also for the period of downloading disconnect an antivirus and programs which download updates. For this purpose disconnect the programs working in a tray and also by means of a task manager. Start it then turn off processes which have the word update in the name - at present they download updates.

3. When using a download manager implement all recommendations stated in the previous step. Configure a download manager in such a way that the maximum number of simultaneous downloadings will be equal to zero. Close the browser and a torrent client for ensuring the highest speed. Turn off restrictions on downloading speed if they are available, having exposed the maximum priority for the operating downloadings.

4. If you download the file with the help a torrent client set the maximum number of simultaneous downloadings equal to one and turn off restrictions on downloading speed. Install the maximum priority for downloading. Keep in mind that when using a torrent client all resources will be given on loading with its help therefore before its termination you will not be able to use the Internet. For maximizing speed set restriction on return speed - no more than one kilobit per second.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team