How to accelerate indexation of links

How to accelerate indexation of links

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A large number of the back relevant links lifts the website in the rating of search engines, increases PR and tITs. Effective acceleration of indexation of links is possible thanks to the websites on a free hosting, to adding of the websites in search engines through services for webmasters and programs-pingatorov.


1. The first method of acceleration of indexation of back links is a creation of the websites on free hostings like – perfectly is suitable for the search engine Yandex. It is necessary to consider that the robots.txt file was not temporarily blocked for search engines as it does uCoz hosting, - it, in this case, will not approach.

This method is rather simple and will not take a lot of time. Create the website on or other free hosting and place on it 2-3 pages the text, relevant to your link. The text can be made of snippets of Google. Received requests place by means of the built-in editor and also add the reference to the page of others website which contains the direct reference on your website or the blog. After 2-3 pages are ready, you add this website to AddURL of the search engine and wait for an update, usually it occurs within 1-4 days.

After the search engine indexes the website on a free hosting, also the page with the back link on your resource will be indexed. That is, the link on your website will be entered in the index.

2. The second way consists in adding of the page of the website on which the back link on your resource, in AddURL Google, but not via classical tools of the webmaster of Google since he requires confirmations of the rights of the domain administrator, and through a simple form for webmasters is located. It is located at the address:

Enter in the Website URL the full address of the page with reference to your resource, enter I smoke and confirm adding of the website in queue on indexation.

3. The third method represents use of programs-pingatorov. These are such programs as Pingxpert and Pingovalk. In the URL list it is possible to add at the same time large number of references to pages which contain links on your website. It is necessary to specify a ping of the server in settings of a pingator and to start a pingovaniye. The program will independently work without participation of the user. Except acceleration of indexation of the website entirely or otedlny article, pingator accelerate indexation of pages with your back links.

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