How to accelerate modem speed Beeline

How to accelerate modem speed Beeline

The primary benefit selecting the gprs-Internet Beeline before other ways of access to network is the mobility of the user. Among minuses it is possible to select low access rate and tariffing on traffic in the majority of data plans. By means of several simple steps you can easily minimize influence of these shortcomings on your daily activity of network.


1. Owing to the fact that in absolute majority of cases the access rate to network depends on the data plan selected by you the increase in speed is possible only by means of optimization of the processes using connection to network at present of time. Actions which should be for this purpose undertaken depend on an objective.

2. If you want to increase as much as possible web surfing speed, then configure the browser, having prohibited loading of such elements as pictures and applications. Use of the Opera mini browser is optimum. Its specifics consist in information processing before sending for your computer. The page requested by you goes to the server where it contracts, losing up to ninety percent from initial weight, and only after that goes to your computer. You can also turn off loading of pictures and applications, thereby having maximized speed and having minimized traffic.

3. When using a torrent client it is necessary to disconnect all programs affecting connection with the Internet at the moment. Set the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to unit and make a priority of loadings maximum.

4. Disconnect also all programs which can download updates from network even if they are in a tray.

5. Also start a task manager and disconnect all programs having the word ""update"" in the name - these programs download updates from network.

6. If you need to download as fast as possible the file by means of a download manager, the basic rule remains to the same is any process should not use connection with network besides which is the most priority. Disconnect a torrent client, the browser and also all other third-party applications. Do not start them before completion of loading.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team