How to accelerate operation of the browser

How to accelerate operation of the browser

Probably, whether it is impossible to find any computer without the browser installed in it, regardless, it is connected to the Internet or not. Every year browsers become more functional, safer and more convenient. But most of users not least interests the speed of work of the observer the Internet of pages.


1. Approximate time of start of the browser, depending on the speed of operation of the computer and its load with plug-ins, is 10-15 seconds. By means of several simple actions it is possible to reduce considerably this time and also to make your browser quicker directly in operating time.

2. For a start be engaged in cleaning of history of the viewed pages. History of the browser influences start time – each record has the image, a name and the address. Over and over again it is not simple to load all this garbage to your observer. Click Ctrl+H (a set of the hot keys is identical to all browsers) and delete all points in the appeared window. Periodically repeat this action or configure automatic removal of history through certain time in options of your browser. If you never deleted history, then increase in performance will be very notable.

3. After that delete everything with cookies. Cookies are personal settings for each visited page. At an input on any website, your browser automatically begins search of personal settings among already available. It negatively affects work speed. Open the Tools menu, select the Setup item. In the opened window press the Privacy button, then the Delete Separate Cookies point. It makes sense to delete Cookies if you visit a large number of the sites and you return to them extremely seldom.

4. Delete excess or outdated bookmarks of the browser. It you reduce load time of the browser due to reduction of the file of bookmarks. Find the Bookmarks menu on the panel of your Internet observer and by means of the DELETE key delete not used.

5. Browse installed in your browser of a subject and plug-ins and delete those which you use seldom or you do not use at all. Open the menu Tools, select the Additions item. In the opened window go to the Expansions tab and delete not used expansions. Do the same operation with subjects and plug-ins. It you will increase amount of free random access memory and reduce load of the browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team