How to activate the domain

How to activate the domain

The procedure of activation of the domain can differ a little in details at different hosters, but the general algorithm of actions remains invariable. Performing operation is carried out by standard means of a system and does not assume use of the additional software.


1. After it is created a hosting site in Telnet, open the System menu of the top service panel of an application window for registration of the domain. Pay attention that at the moment in column X the empty gray circle is displayed. Expand the link "Domain Name" in the section "Domain name" and click a label "Installation" in the Hosting (the Hosting for the Domain Is Not Installed) group.

2. Specify the Hosting Type point and select the option "Physical Hosting". This action will open a dialog box of settings of parameters of placement of the website. Specify need of SSL support for access HTTPS on the Setup tab and determine the place of saving the files available by SSL protocols. Select the place of saving the files available under other protocols - in a uniform httpdocs-directory or in a separate httpsdoc-directory.

3. Go to the Settings of the Account tab and print a name of the account and the password for access to a website under the FTP, SSH and SFTP protocols. Pay attention to need of the choice of a cover for gaining access to the server console under the SSH protocol.

4. Select a bookmark of "Service" and apply checkboxes in lines of the services necessary for correct work of the website. Use the Standard Redirection tab for definition of the URL address of the web page of readdressing. Go to the Redirection in a Frame tab, specify the URL address of the page with which loading of contents in a frame will be executed, and save all made changes.

5. Execute authorization in the partner interface for change of the status of the domain with Not Delegated on Delegated. Open the Domains menu and expand the link "Editing" near a name of the domain. Enter two DNS servers intended for responsibility for information on the domain into the line "DNS servers" or use the option "Place Primary and Secondary DNS on Servers of the Logger" in the absence of the configured servers. Wait for completion of check and change of the status of the domain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team