How to activate webmoney keeper classic

How to activate webmoney keeper classic

Activation of WebMoney Keeper Classic is executed by means of the computer on which program installation was made. It becomes for ensuring the protected transactions of the user and an exception of a possibility of gaining access to the e-wallet by the third parties.


1. Every time at start of WM Keeper Classic the equipment of the computer is tested then start of the program and its activation is executed. If the system in which access to the program is executed is familiar to WM Keeper, authorization is carried out automatically. If Keeper was for the first time installed on the computer, input of the activation code can be required.

2. Issue of the new activation code is carried out after reinstallation of the operating system, adding of new devices, changes in the IP address or network connection. Activation is obligatory for all users of WebMoney on the computer.

3. For performing operation receive the corresponding code which will be sent you to e-mail or the cell phone depending on the way of the notification selected by you. If you select an activation option by the phone number, you can select both voice, and the Sms. For sending the code press the corresponding button in a program window.

4. On the following page of service of safety enter the received code and your WMID in a system. Press the Activate button and wait for emergence of the message. If all data were correct, you will see the message about successful activation of the equipment.

5. If it is not possible to receive the code of authorization by standard methods, use the link "By means of E-num" located in the lower part of the page of activation. For use of this method at you the e-num account according to which restoring access will be made should be created. Enter your account information and by means of hints on the screen complete authorization of WebMoney.

6. After input of the necessary code and obtaining the notification on a successful completion of operation restart WM Keeper and try to execute authorization once again. If all actions were made truly, you get access to your account in payment service provider.

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