How to add comments on news

How to add comments on news

Having read news on the Internet, sometimes there is a wish to express the opinion on it. Therefore on many news websites the possibility of leaving of the user comments on the published news is provided.


1. Some news websites allow adding of comments without user registration. For this purpose scroll the page with news down. There will be or a form which can be filled either a button or the link "Add the Comment", "Send the Comment" or similar. In the second case press this button or the link, and the form will appear.

2. The form for the comment consists of fields of two types: obligatory and optional to filling. The first differ from the second in either color, or existence of an asterisk near each of them. Fill out all required fields, and if desired - and some of optional. Enter the comment in the big multiline field.

3. If there is a counter of the gathered or remained characters, monitor its indications - there can be a restriction as on maximum, and (more rare) at the minimum length of the message. These restrictions if they are, are specified near the field. Having entered the text, check whether all fields are correctly filled, and then press the button which can be called "Send", "Add the comment", etc.

4. On some websites kapch - pictures with letters, digits which it is necessary to read and enter result in the nearby field are provided. Signs are written by such font that their automatic recognition is difficult, but the person can read them. It is protection against the automated adding of comments.

5. Read what you see on the picture, and enter in the respective field. If it is not possible to read characters, press nearby from kapchy a refresh button. On some websites instead of kapch or along with them control questions in a free form which the person, but not the machine without effort will answer are applied. For example, answer the question "What Opened in Sochi on the Seventh of March, 2014?": "Paralympic Games".

6. There are websites where for adding of comments it is necessary to register previously. In the top part of the page find the reference or the button under the name "Registration", "Register", "Create the Account", "Create the Account". Fill out all required fields, having specified the real e-mail address. Think up the password difficult and not coincident with the password from mail.

7. Having checked the entered data, including I smoke, press the button which can be also called "Registration", "Register", etc. After registration check in the box of e-mail of the Entering and Spam folder. Find the message about successful registration, and in it - the link for its confirmation. Pass on it, and now you can enter on the website under a user name and with the password, specified at registration and to send messages. Fields for filling at the same time will be less.

8. Other news websites allow to send comments without additional registration if you are already registered on one of social networks. In this case in other tab of the browser previously enter into desirable social network. Now select back the tab with news and reboot the page F5 key or a key of the Update browser.

9. Buttons over the field for the comment select the same social network, then enter and send the comment. Consider that at the same time the name and a surname under which you are registered in this network will be used, and readers of news will be able to visit your account in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team