How to add music to the blog

How to add music to the blog

It became simpler to share music in network. With the advent of on-line players, musical services and network storages it is possible to publish any music in the blog and to listen to it directly on a record page.


1. Prostopleer became the most popular service which player is built in the majority of blogs. The pro-stop handrail integrates musical files from different sources of network and possesses convenient search by the performer and the name of a song. To build in music the blog, visit the website and make request in the search string. In results all corresponding compositions will appear. In line from songs press the button in the form of a gear located on the right. The command list from which you will need to select ""The code for an insert"" will open. Copy the text from the emerged window and insert it in the editor of records of the blog. After the publication in record there will be a player with the song to which it will be possible to listen directly in the blog.

2. The possibility of embedding of compositions in the personal blog is available also for young service Yandex. Music. For this purpose visit the homepage of the project, and by means of search find the necessary song. Pay attention that at this service there is not all music, and only those tracks which publication is agreed with owners. Having found the necessary composition click on the link with its name. The unique page of the song on which there is a link ""Build in the Blog"" will open. Click it and copy the opened embed-code, and then insert it in the editor of records. The song will appear on the page of a new post and it will also be possible to listen to it having clicked Play.

3. To share the unique sound file which does not exist on above-mentioned services use the DivShare project. It is possible to log in in it by means of the Facebook account. After that load necessary composition and visit the page of audio recordings of your account. Right-click on an icon of a necessary song, click the link ""Embed"" and copy the code in the editor of records of the blog. Music will open also in a special player from DivShare.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team