How to add the Rambler counter on the website

How to add the Rambler counter on the website

The hit counter – the product provided by search engines which collects information on total number of visitors of the website. It looks as the small block at the bottom of the page and is available almost on each resource. Also the counter allows to learn on what requests the website was found and from what links transitions so all this will be useful to the administrator were made.


1. Adding of the counter of attendance in the "TOP 100 Rambler" system is carried out as follows:
Come into the section "TOP 100" on the homepage of "Rambler" or to the address

2. Begin registration, having got acquainted with conditions of service: enter the address of mail in a registration form and select the password for the account in the TOP 100 system.

3. On your box the letter with the link according to which it is necessary to pass for activation will be sent. One more option of activation is to place in a website directory the file with the special code and then to click "Activation".

4. Now it is necessary to specify the address of the website, having selected "Add the website", and after input of the confirming code, fill fields with information on the website ("Announcement", "Description", etc.). Here the name, specialization, keywords connected with contents on the website is considered.
The option "Choice of Geographical Coverage" sorts requests by location requesting therefore it makes sense to make it wider or to designate regions from which the maximum number of requests is expected.
Your task - most fully and precisely to pick up the search data corresponding to a resource which will approach under requests of users.

5. For increase in quantity of inputs at the website it is possible to add homepage synonyms if it has the additional addresses.
After registration you receive the unique counter in the HTML-code and a logo. Design of the counter can be configured, for example, to set independently parameters of color, animirovannost / static character.

6. 6. The code needs to be placed at the end of the page, in a code editing mode, before tag/body in the HTML format (to select "Custom insert").
After you enter it in the code of the website, it will begin to be displayed on the homepage, but sometimes counters put at once on several. Data from them will be summarized in an indicator of the general attendance of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team