How to add the reference to mail

How to add the reference to mail

Possibilities of creation and editing articles in logs and blogs allow to make out links not only to pages of the websites, but also to the e-mail addresses. In particular, if your reader is authorized in mail service, having clicked on the coded link, he will appear on the page of creation of the letter. A design secret – the HTML special tags.

It is required to you

  • - blog;
  • - HTML-editor.


1. Open the page of creation of the new message. Check whether your blogging platform supports a HTML editor. If "The visual editor" is included, switch to the corresponding operation mode. Otherwise the entered tags will not be transformed to the link.

2. Insert the following tags: <href=mailto: mail address> to Write the letter of e-mail </a>. Replace the text with the corresponding links and own words. Be especially attentive when entering the e-mail address: if you are mistaken here, any letter will not reach you how many your readers wrote.

3. If your blog supports a print preview mode, check the link. As a result only the text which you wrote instead of the words "Write the Letter" should be displayed, and design corresponds to execution of links: highlighting and underlining. Additional icons and characters say that you inserted tags with errors.

4. As an additional precautionary measure click on the link. By clicking with the left mouse button you will pass to the page of creation of the letter or the mail service installed on your computer will open. When clicking the right button there will be a menu, one of points of which is "copy the e-mail address".

5. It is possible to issue the link to a mailbox and through the visual editor. Type the text which you want to transform to the link. Select it with the cursor.

6. In the toolbar find an icon "Attach the Link". Normally it is an image button of the globe or two links of a chain. In the graph "Type" select "E-mail". Fill the Address field without fail, "A letter subject", "A letter body" and the others at desire and an opportunity (on some blogs these options are absent).

7. Check links to working capacity. Save the message and publish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team