How to add the server to the list

How to add the server to the list

Now on open spaces of network huge popularity gather a torrent clients. Their technology to place files not on the server, and on the computer of the user. However for acceleration of downloading of files the need of adding in the list of the application of sidiruyushchy servers often appears.


1. Download and install the program for downloading of torrents of eMule. Start it. In the first window it will be necessary to select the necessary language, i.e. to make installation of language parameters of the program. Further the warning of a possibility of start of several applications will follow. Answer better negatively as use of several clients will be quite unreasonable.

2. Configure the client on fast file sharing. Click the Setup key in the main menu of the program. Specify any nickname in the Name field. It will become your distinguisher in network. Go to the Setup of a Proxy tab. In case of connection with network by means of the proxy server make its setup according to documentation received at connection or contact directly your provider.

3. Open the Connection tab. There you will be able correctly to configure connection with all servers. By default, this tab already has best values therefore it is possible not to experiment and safely to go further. Here you will also be able to expose restrictions for outgoing (Upload) and entering (Download) the client's speed. Do not forget to activate the Lancast parameter for improvement of work of the client.

4. Pay attention to the list of servers in a main window of the program. From them will be copying of files on the computer is made. You need only to add new servers here. Click the New Server key. In the opened window print a name of the necessary server. If it is not known to you yet, specify the IP address in the form of 217. 106. 18. 50, select port 4661 and assign to the server any name. Click the Add key that the server was added to the general list. Further click on the new server the right button and select "Add to the constant list of servers".

5. Configure connection with the client's servers, select necessary options and save changes. Activate on the Server tab function of safe connection with the server, clever check on LowID, filtering of suspicious IP and continued support of connection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team