How to add the song on a wall

How to add the song on a wall

Social networks allow users to communicate among themselves and to publicly express the opinion on special walls or forums. Here too it is possible to place various pictures, smiles, music.

It is required to you

  • - registration on social network.


1. Do you want your friend on social network to smile? Then throw to him on a wall the cheerful picture, and it is even better – the song or a beautiful tune. Believe, this simple gesture will not remain unnoticed, and, perhaps, soon on your page the musical answer will appear too.

2. To add something on a forum or a wall (in different social networks the name of this section can differ), select from the list of friends (or guests) the user necessary to you and pass to its page. Then find the Wall point (or "Forum"), as a rule, it is placed under an avatar. Attentively consider a wall and in a window with the inscription "Write the Message" add the text.

3. If you want to throw instead of the letter on a wall music, there are no problems. Such function is available in the majority of the websites. That to add them, find the Attach button after clicking which on the page the additional window will open. In it you will need to select type of the attached file. In this case music or audiofiles is required.

4. Specify the location of the audio recording provided for sending, select the file and after that click "Add" or "Attach". Double-check whether correctly you selected the file. If everything is right, can send it, having clicked the corresponding button. If you accidentally mixed an audio recording, select it and by means of the right mouse button select the option "Delete" in the dropping-out window. Add the correct file and click "Send".

5. In the similar way you can throw on a wall and other "jewelry". For example, popular VKontakte gives an opportunity of adding of images, the text, video, notes, maps, documents, graffiti. If desired you can start a special application and place opinion on the friend, having given the answer to the questions offered by the program.

6. If you want, add files, pictures and messages and on the page. This function is available in all social networks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team