How to add the user on the server

How to add the user on the server

Adding of the new user account on Windows Server 2003 belongs to the category of standard administration tasks. Therefore this problem by regular means of a system without use of the additional software is solved.


1. Open a context menu of an element of a desktop "My computer" by click of the right mouse button and specify point "Management". Open the link "Control of the Computer" in the left part of the opened window and pass into the section "Local Users". Expand the Users node and open a context menu by click of the right mouse button on empty space of the right part of the same window.

2. Specify the New User point and print a name of the created account and the password in the respective fields of a new dialog box. Deselect a checkbox in the field "Require change of the password" and note checkboxes in the lines "Prohibit Change of the Password by the User" and "Password Aging Is Not Limited". Confirm performing the selected actions, having clicked "Create".

3. To add the new user of Active Directory it is necessary to open the main system menu, having clicked "Start-up" and to pass into the Control panel point. Open the link "Administration" and expand the equipment ""Active Directory - users and computers".

4. Open a context menu of the folder in which the account will be added, by click of the right mouse button in the right part of a window and specify the Form team. Select the subparagraph "User" and print personal data of the created user in the respective fields.

5. Print the selected user login name in the line of the same name and specify the UPN Suffix point in a drop-down menu. Confirm saving the made changes, having pressed Next, and print the password in line with this name. Confirm the choice of the password with repeated introduction of the same value to the next line and click "Is ready".

6. Return to the main menu "Start-up" for use of an alternative method and pass into a dialog "Execute". Print cmd in the line "Open" and start the command line utility, having pressed the OK button.

7. Enter znacheniyedsadd userimya_polzovatelya - samidSAM_imya_polzovatelya - pwd of a parol_polzovatel | *в a text box of the command interpreter and confirm execution of the selected task, having clicked the ENTER key.

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