How to add the user to the domain

How to add the user to the domain

During creation of a home network some users I cannot understand subtleties of its setup completely. For adding of the user in the domain, i.e. the computer in network at which it works, happens to change default settings enough.

It is required to you

  • Change of settings of network in the Windows XP operating system.


1. Creating a home network it is possible to organize access to the network printer to all computers of the working group. For this purpose it is necessary to configure them as appropriate, namely to set the IP addresses, to enter the names of computers and to add to one group. All necessary settings of which value you change are in a system folder "Control panel".

2. First of all you need to set names to computers and to define their working group. For this purpose pass to a desktop and right-click on the My Computer icon. In the opened context menu select the Properties item. Before you there will be an applet of "Property of a system" for which fast call the keyboard shortcut Win + Pause Break is used.

3. In this applet pass to the Computer name tab. It is desirable to create the list of computers in which you enter not only their names, but also the IP addresses. Having used this list, set a name to each computer. To change a name, click "Change" in the lower part of an applet. In the opened window replace a former name with recently written in the list.

4. Also in this tab you can set a name of the working group. By default — Workgroup. It is recommended to replace with simpler name, for example, of Net or Connect. Click "OK" for saving changes. You will see a small window with the notification on an entrance to the new working group. In the lower part of the Properties of a System window there will be notification on need of reset of a system, but you should not do it so far therefore after clicking the OK button, select "No".

5. Now it was necessary to assign to each computer the IP address that the order of their definition in network was not broken. Click the Start menu, select the Control panel item. In the opened folder double click on the Network Connections icon, right-click on the Connection on a Local Area Network element and select the Properties item.

6. Right-click at line "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and select the Properties item. Pass to the Use the Following IP Address block and enter for each computer individual value with a difference into one unit. For example, Dmitry -; Pavel -, etc. It should be noted that in a sheaf 192.168.1.x, it is recommended to reckon from digit No. 3 since the first two values are used by the router and the modem.

7. In all windows click "OK" and respond to the request for reset positively or negatively if there are not saved documents. Then execute reset independently, using the Start menu.

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