How to add the website to rating

How to add the website to rating

For steadily high traffic on the website there is not always enough indexation in search engines. Registration of the website in ratings gives increase in inflow of users (or top lists). Internet users often use them to find qualitative resources on the subject interesting them. Besides, participation in ratings increases the number of direct references by your website.


1. To register in any rating, visit its website, find the reference to rating, look through rules of participation, click "Register". Specify the thematic section, the name and a website URL, its short description. HTML code will be created - you place it on the homepage of the resource, on it the rating logo with the hit counter will appear. Most likely, within a day you will appear in the list. The counter will show the place in rating, total number of visitors and visits, the number of pageviews a day. Though the amount of the displayed information can differ at different counters. By means of them you will also be able to learn statistics of link navigations, geography of users, etc.

2. Register in several main ratings at once. Among popular - reytig of Rambler's Top 100 (, TopMail (, LiveInternet (, Spylog (,, BlogRate (, BlogoTop ( and others. The websites which are in top lists can be recognized by color counters in the form of the small logos placed in the bottom of pages, for example, "the participant of Rambler's top 100", "the rating of", etc. Top lists, or ratings, include lists of the websites on any certain subject, as their popularity. The more runs on the website, the higher it in rating. Calculation of visitors is carried out thanks to fixing of their IP addresses, from one ip only one visit is set off. The website in rating is higher, the bigger number of people has a desire to come on it - so the popularity of a resource grows quicker and quicker.

3. Correctly select the section for placement of the resource - so at you more opportunities to appear at the top of rating and to really attract visitors. Be guided by compliance of subject of your website. It is good if the popularity of the section does not read off scale, otherwise you can not sustain the competition. Visit the websites registered in the section and make sure that your resource is not worse and you have a chance to overtake them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team