How to advance online store

How to advance online store

Today success of your online store almost completely depends on successful "promotion". There is a lot of persons interested to trade on the Internet, and it is always less buyers, than there is a wish. But, before beginning fight against competitors, it is necessary to decide on what place in the market you are ready to take. This understanding is necessary in order that it is correct to define the area in which you will make investments in order that "advance" your online store.

It is required to you

  • Skills of Internet surfing, ability to write competent texts, knowledge of social networks and popular Internet resources, ability to analyze data on attendance of a resource


1. Proceeding from type of goods in which you will trade and the estimated number of audience it is necessary to select ways of "advance" of online store, their sequence and intensity of application. At competent planning and management the project started from scratch will begin to make profit already in half a year, even in the conditions of the high competition.

2. For just open shop the placement of price lists on a price sites will be the most successful first step. Such today in RuNet it is enough. Resources belong to the most demanded: Mixmarket, Yandex.Market,,,, As a rule, it is not difficult place goods with the description and the link to your resource there, and payment is made for transition of the user to your website. That is means are spent directly and whether to turn the visitor in the buyer – depends already on the price and on friendliness of the interface.

3. Further "advance" of online store is impossible without search engine optimization. The your shop is higher to be on the page found at search query, the more at you will be buyers. Optimization is a difficult complex of works with which to cope to nonspecialists often happens hard. It includes both purchase of links, and placement of information in directories, and writing articles, and many other things. All this can be mastered, but it is better to use services of specialists (the average cost of their services – about 1500 dollars a month).

4. It should be noted that search engine optimization is appropriate if you trade in popular goods (souvenirs, books, gadgets or tours). In this case the percent of transformation of visitors into buyers will be big. If goods rare or specialized, then it is necessary to resort to search engine optimization in the last queue.

5. Placement of contextual advertizing can become the third step in advance. The most popular systems today three: Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords and Runner. Among them Yandex, therefore, on it is in the lead and it is necessary to pay attention first of all. This way of involvement of buyers is rather effective, but it is necessary to consider that if the range of goods of your shop is big, that administration will occupy a large number of time.

6. Having completed the previous stages it is possible to pass to the sphere of media promotion of a resource. This sphere with badly predicted return, but extraordinary wide field for activity. What more often information on your online store will come across to the casual user, those high probability of the fact that it will use its services. In the presence of means it is necessary to use any opportunity. Effective can be everything: purchase of banners on the popular or thematic websites, partner link exchange, placement in directories (such as Rambler Top100) or participation in competitions. All this raises degree of trust of net surfers to your shop that by all means will affect profit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team