How to advance the blog

How to advance the blog

The blog, the website in the form of the blog, other resource – the virtual space storing information of the subject selected by the author. The issues discussed on the blog are selected by the principle of competence of the blogger and define target audience of the blog. For promoting of a resource on the Internet different methods of advance are used. Here a little.


1. Register the blog in search engines. You enter keywords, the characterizing subject of your blog, for convenience of use. Links to login pages of blogs are specified, for example, in article mentioned below.

2. On social networks specify headings of new records and the link to them in the status. At forums as the signature use the button link, the picture link or an inscription link on your forum.

3. Create clones of your blog on free hostings. Clones should not be identical, otherwise searchers will ignore them. Clones should be devoted to the same subject that the main blog, to have similar (but a little excellent) design, similar (but too it is a little others) the name. Articles should have the similar name and the first paragraph of the text similar on original (but with replacement of words by synonyms, change of phrases and so on). The word "Continuation", "Read Further" or similar should be the link to full article on the original blog. Links to files and other materials should conduct on the main website too.

4. Delete blogs clones and recreate every month, constantly making to them changes. The way is doubtful in terms of honesty, but is effective.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team