How to advance the website on demand

How to advance the website on demand

To advance the website on demand, it is important that your resource was optimized under work of search engines. Surely make a site map – the Sitemap file by means of which give robots necessary information, including - what pages and how often are updated. Also register meta-tags.

It is required to you

  • - Computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - Website.


1. Be the samantichesky center of the website, having included in it all requests, important for you. In compliance with this document fill the website with relevant content. On each page there have to be not less than two-three mentions of "klyuchevik". Select all headings and subheadings with other font or a size, it is extremely important for optimization. Sign photos, do cross hyperlinks from one page of the resource to another. Texts of hyperlinks should contain the phrases corresponding to key requests or their synonyms.

2. Carry out monitoring of the websites of similar subject. Suggest them to owners to exchange hyperlinks. The more will be links, the higher - the place in search delivery. Important condition: TIC and PR of the websites which refer to yours is desirable not less than 50 and 2 respectively, and content – mainly unique. If to acquire at once many links from low-quality resources, it is possible to pay for it.

3. Register at the reference exchanges. It is the easiest way to automate purchase of links. Besides, you do not seek for one-stage acquisition – search robots for it can exclude from indexation at all. Also do not acquire the link from the resources having questionable content. Such links are cheap, there can be a temptation "take in the lump", but finally will understand that it is extremely doubtful acquisition.

4. Write articles containing requests on which you want to advance the website in searchers. Do "klyuchevik" by the hyperlinks conducting on your resource. Place similar text blocks in guest books of third-party portals, at forums, bulletin boards and so forth. Social networks can be the quite good place of dislocation also. You should not place the same article only everywhere. Change them, at least do rewriting. The more unique material, the is higher chance that it will be indexed by search engines, and your link will serve kind service in advance of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team