How to allow Internet access

How to allow Internet access

The bulk of local area networks is created or for fast exchange of certain folders and files, or for providing all devices with Internet access in network. The second option is most labor-consuming in respect of settings.

It is required to you

  • network hub, network cables.


1. Let's consider a situation in which we have the local area network created with use of the network hub. Our purpose is to provide all computers and laptops which are a part of a local area network, Internet access.

2. It is worth beginning with the choice of the most powerful computer. In this scheme of local networking it will perform functions of the router. The indispensable condition for this computer – should be present at it at least two network adapters.

3. Connect all computers of a local area network to the network switch, turning on also your computer host. Turn on them.

4. Connect a cable of connection with the Internet to your improvised router. Configure contact with the server of provider and make sure available Internet access. Pass to properties of this connection. Select the Access tab. Find the Allow Other Net Surfers to Use Connection to the Internet of This Computer point. Install opposite to it a tick. Specify a local area network for which it is required to provide the general access.

5. Open properties of the second network adapter (which is connected to the hub). Set for it static (constant) IP which value will be

6. Open similar point of settings on any other computer. Replace the last digit, entering the IP address for this device. Find the Main Gateway and The Preferred DNS Server points. Fill out them with the IP address of the first computer.

7. Repeat the algorithm described in the previous step, configuring all other laptops or computers in network. Reboot the computer host for use of the changed parameters of the general access. Consider that this computer should be switched on even then when you want to go on-line even from other equipment.

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