How to allow loading

How to allow loading

Permission of loading by the user of the ActiveX elements or just separate files belongs to a discharge of settings of security settings of the computer working running Windows and using Internet Explorer. The first problem is solved by change of settings of the browser, and the second will demand editing records of the system registry.


1. Open the main menu of the Windows operating system by clicking of the Start-up button and pass into the All Programs node. Start Internet Explorer and open the menu "Service" of a top panel of tools of a window of the browser. Specify the Internet Options point and go to the Safety tab of the opened dialog box. Select an option Internet and use the Other button. Find the section "ActiveX Elements and Modules of Connection" and change values of the Loading of the Signed ActiveX Elements parameter on "Include". Also (if necessary) change value of the Loading of the Unsigned ActiveX Elements parameter on "Include" and confirm the choice with clicking of the OK button. Select the option "Yes" in the opened window of request of a system and authorize application of the selected changes by repeated clicking of the OK button.

2. Return to the main Start-up system menu and pass into the Perform point for implementation procedures of editing parameters of loading of files by the user. Enter regedit value in the Open field for start of the Editor of the Register utility and confirm command execution with clicking of the OK button. Open a branch of HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternetSettings? ones3 and select key 1803. Expand the Editing menu of the top service panel of the editor and enter values: - REG_DWORD - in the field "Type"; - 0 - in the field "Value of Parameter". The made changes allow the user loading of files. For recovery of initial security settings change value of the selected key to 3. Complete the work of the Editor of the Register tool and restart the Internet observer for saving and application of the selected changes.

3. Do not change permissions to loading and installation of drivers without emergency - this procedure is unsafe and can potentially lead to violation of operability of all Windows operating system.

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