How to attach a subject

How to attach a subject

To attach a subject on the website, for a start it is necessary to create it or to download already ready. For this purpose it is enough to visit the resources on the Internet offering both paid, and free download of templates.


1. Before attaching a subject on the website, register the domain, without it you will not be able to create navigation according to pages of the created resource.

2. After that look for a suitable template. In a world wide web there is an opportunity to find a large number of free templates, pick up and load that which will be pleasant to you. You can select free subjects for the website, having passed to this address

3. For creation of the website download the program under the name Adobe Dreamweaver. It is one of the most convenient designers of resources. Download it from the official site of the developer to the address After installation of this application open in it the file of a template. There will be a page of future website, view it in two modes – in the mode of design and in browse mode.

4. Change the page in the way, necessary for you, using possibilities of the Adobe Dreamweaver program. Select type and font size, insert the necessary image and the text. It is possible to place the picture, having only registered path to them. Change color of separate elements of the page and a background. Remove or add what is necessary. With Adobe Dreamweaver it is possible to modify a website subject as it is necessary for you. When stop working on the page, give it a name which she will bear on a resource.

5. If on your website there are many pages, install the program under the name Denwer. After that you will be able to browse on your computer the created pages of the website also conveniently and simply as though they already were on the server which provides services of a hosting.

6. Pick up a hosting and tie to it the domain. Enter the control panel of your website, find the folder under the name public_html and from your computer load into it pages of a resource. Check whether you made everything correctly. For this purpose enter a name of the website into an address bar of the browser and click Enter. If you made everything correctly, then the homepage of your resource will be displayed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team