How to attract the subscriber

How to attract the subscriber

Most of the people who are engaged in business in network have one or several blogs. The more subscribers, the blog is more popular and business is more effective, the it is more pleasant to publish each new record. There are several ways to attract subscribers to your blog.


1. The very first rule of the beginning blogger is not to forget to write. Entries in your diary should appear regularly. Better only every day.

2. Write interestingly, write about what was well studied. Write about what you are pleasant to write about.

3. You will find out soon that some posts attract more people. If some of your posts became "virus" (are willingly copied by other users), use it. Edit popular message, having added couple of lines about what your blog can be useful and as to subscribe to it.

4. Respond to comments. Conduct a dialogue with your readers and comment on others records. Do not limit a circle of your interests to own benefit.

5. Make function of a subscription easily accessible. Place the button or a form of a subscription in a visible place. Let know that you are glad to new readers.

6. Attract visitors from forums. Insert the link to the blog into the signature at those forums where regularly you communicate. Register at those forums where there can be your potential readers. When you are able to gain authority at a new forum, your signature will attract several dozen new readers.

7. Contact to popular persons of a blogosphere and try to break through on the top lines of tops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team