How to authorize the friend

How to authorize the friend

The popularity of Internet communication gains steam. Acquaintances, friendly and business chats in network are so productive, as well as personal contacts, but considerably save time in daily employment and haste.


1. Authorize the person – means to add him as a friend or in the contact list, depending on features of the website. Anyway, at commission of this action you set certain privacy settings, open for the person any given information of the account. Before allowing authorization, define functions which will be available to this user.

2. As a rule, adding in friends on social networks should be approved by both parties. If someone "is knocked" to you in friends, he automatically approves your authorization. View the account of this user. For the purpose of safety it is recommended "be on friendly terms" in network only with real persons of whose decency you are sure. Otherwise think what personal information you are ready to open for the person on that end of an Internet wire. Click "Add as a Friend" to enter contact to the frendlenta.

3. The most part of social networks gives to the users an opportunity to create "groups of friends", adjusting privacy settings under one or groups of acquaintances. Do not forget to regulate access to the personal information at once.

4. If you do not wish to maintain the relations with the person "knocked" to you, click "Cancel Request". Be attentive: if the website supports function of "subscriptions", then this user will be able to browse updates of your page, however the actions allowed only friends will be unavailable to it.

5. When the user of ICQ is added to you as a friend, the program requests from you permission to authorization. At the same time you can look at personal data of the new friend. If you accept his friendship, click "Approve authorization" and add the account to the group of friends suitable for it.

6. Authorize the friend in the Mail program. the agent it is possible, having clicked his name with the right mouse button and having chosen the Add Contact command. Are added by a similar way as a friend and users of Skype.

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