How to avoid deception on Avito

How to avoid deception on Avito

The website of declarations of Avito is very popular and totals millions of users through the whole country. Respectively, also the most various ways of fraud are popular on this website. It is easy to avoid deception on Avito, it is enough to get acquainted with the most widespread ways.

The most often found type of fraud on Avito - the deception connected with making advance payment on the cash card. And become the victims of this deception both buyers, and sellers. The first "are trustfully conducted" on the low cost of goods which sellers-swindlers suggest them to transfer immediately a part of money to the card (or to one of electronic payment service providers) that the goods did not "leave". In most cases, especially if the sum of the made advance payment is considerable, it is necessary to look for these sellers through law enforcement agencies. The victims which lost the insignificant sums, as a rule, hard sigh and, with a thought: "next time I will be cleverer", do not contact anywhere. 

Also the way of deception of sellers of Avito through prepayment is widespread. Or rather, through allegedly desire to make it. If the buyer, wishing to buy goods, begins to insist on making advance payment on the cash card, it should guard. Usually for introduction of money for the card there is enough number and a surname, a name, the card holder's middle name. Buyers swindlers are interested, in addition to these data, both validity period, and the three-digit code from magnetic side of the card. Never and to nobody it is impossible to report the code and card expiration date. It is most certain way to lose all means which are on the card. The main contingent come across this trick - the young mothers selling on Avito of a thing from whom their kids grew up. 

One more way of fraud - enrichment on persons interested to find a job. If the applicant is offered to enter payment for training courses, materials, entering into the database, or something else - can be stopped safely communication with such employer is swindlers. 

Closes the rating of ways of fraud on Avito a way of deception on transactions with the real estate. Both potential buyers of the real estate, and persons interested to lease the room can suffer at the same time. The first, as a rule, blinded by magnificent qualities and fantastically low price, make usual advance payment in transactions of purchase and sale. The second usually are deceived at a stage of the conclusion of the preliminary contract for selection of the real estate and making advance payment for the services planned to rendering. Thus, the main recommendations to users of Avito, not persons interested to be snared swindlers, will be the following:

- never and report to nobody confidential data of the cash card; 

- avoid making advance payment; 

- if it is impossible to avoid making advance payment, carefully check where exactly you are going to list the blood. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team