How to avoid installation of undesirable programs when loading the free software

How to avoid installation of undesirable programs when loading the free software

The Internet is covered with different traps for beginning users. The counterfeit Load buttons (""Download"") actually are advertisements. Many users do not know how to avoid undesirable programs at software installation.


1. Counterfeit links for downloading.

The first and most widespread trap when loading the free software is the counterfeit link of loading or several counterfeit links for downloading. On web pages often there is a big button of a bright color with the text of ""Free Download"", or ""Download now"", or ""Download free of charge"". It is most often the advertizing banner intended for simulation of the real link to downloading. It is possible to reveal the counterfeit link to downloading just having guided the cursor at it, having looked on links where it conducts.

In the example given below the counterfeit link ""Download"" conducts on the page. Knowing it, we easily will understand that it is the link of obviously advertizing character. If we guide the cursor at the link to downloading of ""Start Download"", then we will see that it conducts to """" - the website on which we also are.

2. Additional software for web pages

Even legal. popular software vendors ""impose"" downloading of the collateral undesirable software. For example, when loading Flash Player from the Adobe company from the official page of vendor, the additional McAfee Security Scan Plus program is by default installed. The users who left value by default will load this program to themselves on the computer.

To avoid things of this sort, be attentive and careful when loading. Before loading remove an icon from the additional software which is not required for installation.

3. Removal of undesirable programs and return to settings of a system

If you accidentally installed undesirable software on the computer, then it needs to be deleted that is sometimes quite difficult. For this purpose click ""Start-up"", further ""My computer"" and open the Installation and Removal of Programs tab at the left. Find the undesirable program in the list and click ""Delete"".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team