How to be connected to the free Internet

How to be connected to the free Internet

All modern laptops and the most part of smartphones are equipped with the Wi-fi module which gives the chance to be connected to a wireless internet in cafe, restaurants entertainment centers and other places where free Internet access on Wi-Fi is provided. But how to connect the laptop or the smartphone to access point on Wi-Fi?


1. For connection of the laptop to a free wireless internet it is necessary to make sure that the Wi-fi module is switched on. In the majority of models of laptops the Wi-fi module is activated at turning on of the computer, and on the case the sense light lights up. If Wi-Fi is switched off, then it is possible to include it by means of the separate button or a lever with the corresponding designation.

2. Having made sure that Wi-Fi is active, click in a task bar in the screen lower right corner on an icon of a wireless network. In the opened list of available networks click on that in which name there is a word Free or near which there is no icon in the form of a lock. If network free and public, connection is executed. At successful connection, in the right corner of the screen the notification that you were connected to a wireless network will appear. Now it is possible to use the Internet.

3. To connect the smartphone to a wireless internet, it is necessary to start the web browser. Before performing connection to the Internet, the smartphone will inform you that the wireless network is available and will suggest to be connected to it. Select free network, and the smartphone will execute connection. The majority of models of smartphones save in memory the list of networks to which connection was already carried out, and when accessing following to them, is connected to these networks automatically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team