How to be connected to the Internet via the router

How to be connected to the Internet via the router

The router allows ""branch out"" a house Internet channel on several computers with the help of both wire, and wireless connection. Before being connected to the Internet via the router, it is necessary to perform its tuning which becomes in several ways.


1. Buy the router and attentively study the guide to its installation and setup which is attached in the special booklet. The easiest way configure the router - to use the special disk going complete with the device. Before connection of the router insert a disk into the drive, wait for its start, and then follow all indications of a setup wizard of the router. In the course of setup in this way at first connect the device to network, then connect it to network to the card computer by means of a special cable then enter the login and the password provided to you by provider. If you unite to the Internet by means of a fiber-optic cable - just insert it into the WAN port.

2. Connect the router to the computer by means of the network cable going in a set and turn on the power. Begin setup of the device manually. For this purpose in any browser enter the address of access to the interface of the router (as a rule, it has an appearance 192.168.x.x.), enter it by means of the login and the password (at the majority of models - admin and admin respectively). Then, if the router is connected after the modem, enter the login and the password for Internet connection provided by provider. If you are connected to network by means of optical fiber and your connection is tied to the MAC address, then check ""Clone MAC-adress"" the interface of the modem.

3. Connect to the device router, using the Internet. If the router not wireless - connect it to computers by means of the Ethernet cable. If the router supports Wi-Fi - configure wireless connection on each device client. At the same time broadcasting of Wi-fi can be protected special encryption, the password or restriction for the number of the connected clients (on number of home computers).

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