"How to be disconnected from ""Stream"""

"How to be disconnected from ""Stream"""

The stream – one of products of the MTS company. It includes the home wire Internet and television and is connected on condition of existence of a telephone line in the house. Only the same person can terminate the contract with the MTS company that imprisoned him.

It is required to you

  • - personal passport;
  • - the complete set of the equipment received when signing the contract.


1. Just in case visit the nearest office of MTS and specify on whose name the contract on provision of services is registered. At the same time learn the complete list of the equipment which was provided to you. It can be cables, the remote controller, a splitter, other components. Surely specify what of the listed objects you did not lease, and bought.

2. Collect a complete set of the equipment, whenever possible all boxes and packaging, repeatedly visit salon. Personal presence of the person who signed the contract is obligatory: without it the employee of the sales office has no right to accept the equipment. Even if it is your relative, the consultant can only sympathize with you. Row and be indignant especially it is useless.

3. Give the equipment to the employee of salon. Wait when he prints necessary documents. At its request give the passport for verification of your data. The employee of shop is obliged to ask you about it according to duty regulations and the procedure of termination of the contract therefore it is obligatory to take this or equivalent document.

4. Read documents which the consultant will give you for the signature. Some of them (for example, the form of acceptance transfer of the equipment) are printed according to the procedure in several copies (one remains at you, another at office). After that undersign and give for the signature to the specialist of office.

5. Further actions for processing of your application from you do not depend. After transfer of the equipment and signing of documents you can consider the contract terminated, the account for payment of services of the Internet and television to you will not come.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team