"How to be if Vkontakte is blocked"

"How to be if Vkontakte is blocked"

Social networks along with cell phones turned into means of communication and information exchange long ago. One of the popular websites of VKontakte has big functions and opportunities. But can occur so that your account will be blocked.


1. You should not be upset at once if you cannot visit the page. When at an input on the website you see the inscription "The Incorrect Login or the Password Is Specified" – check, correctness of set of parameters of authorization. Sometimes it is necessary to enter not the login, but the e-mail address. It concerns those who registered the account long ago. Also check correctness of a layout and functioning of the Caps Lock mode. If to come on VKontakte with your login and the password it is impossible, use a restoring access form on the website: vk.com/restore.

2. If your page was really temporarily blocked, then at an input to you will point information on terms and the reasons of this blocking to the website. Also the instruction for restoring access will be offered. Follow it, and you trouble-free restore the page.

3. The phone number to which it is attached can be necessary for resumption of work of the account. Will send you the code for recovery. If this number is already blocked or you do not remember it, accurate images will ask to send you: the copy of the passport and your photo opposite to the page of VKontakte. If the photo is vague, can send you a repeated request of images. In this case the administration of the website will hold communication with you by e-mail.

4. Consider load of the website and a human factor. Very large number of requests with different requests and questions are solved real people. Specialists from support desk are engaged in recovery of your page too. If you were tired to wait, it is the simplest to you to create the new account, it is the free procedure. Your friend can send you a request through your phone number. For this purpose it is necessary to click on the link "Invite" in a top margin of the page of the website. To you the login and the password will come. Everything that you will need – to enter these data on the page of authorization.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team