How to be loaded from the hidden section

How to be loaded from the hidden section

Loading from the hidden hard drive partition at which the Windows installation which files of installation are in this part is started is available for computers. It is available for those models which are on sale with the preset software version.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - instruction to it.


1. Reboot your computer and click at emergence of the black screen a key which is intended for your model of the motherboard for an entrance to loading of the computer from the hidden section. ALT+F10 keyboard shortcut is usually used, also it can be ALT+F9, ALT+F11 and so on depending on model of your motherboard. You can learn the correct combination on the website of her vendor or from the instruction to your computer.

2. When loading the computer pay attention to a line with the word Recovery. Near it the key intended to go to loading from the hidden hard drive partition will be specified. If you do not manage to read an inscription on the screen of loading of the computer, pay attention whether function of a stop of the screen at the key press of Pause works on your computer.

3. When on your screen to be displayed the menu of loading from the hidden section, select one of options: new installation of the Windows operating system with formatting of the section on which the previous copy of the software, or replacement of files of installation of the operating system on condition of existence of a necessary free space on the hard drive was installed. In the second case the backup copy of files of users is made, the former system is removed and new is installed.

4. Pay attention that the operating system which is on the hidden hard drive partition is tied only to your computer. On it there are drivers suitable under its configuration, the additional software (normally it is the preset versions of antivirus software, trial Microsoft Office, Skype, Nero and so on), a key to the software product. This section is hidden for the purpose of safety and maintenance of access to software installation when formatting the hard drive of the computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team