How to be removed from a mailbox

How to be removed from a mailbox

The mailbox stopped being relevant? It is simple to forget about it it is impossible? Or it is necessary that senders of letters to this address were aware of what you do not receive any more and you do not want to obtain from them information? Means, time to delete this e-mail address came.

It is required to you

  • The computer connected to the Internet, any web browser.


1. Enter the mailbox. If the computer does not recognize you automatically, type the login and the password. Further actions depend on on what resource you are going to delete a mailbox. As a rule, most of Internet users use several mail services:,,,

2. In come into settings. The link bringing there is in the upper right corner, under the name of your box. Click on it. On the page of settings, at the very bottom find the word ""delete"". After that one more window where it is necessary to confirm the solution with input of the current password opens. Click ""delete"". And after that your box will be deleted.
However, on this resource all your account will not be liquidated. That is you will be able to continue to use Yandex money, the People, photo albums, etc.

3. In the mail and the related boxes of inbox, bk and list it is the simplest to work through service of the help. Come into this section and among frequently asked questions find ""As to me to delete a mailbox which is not necessary to me any more"". Click it and you will get on the page of a form of removal. But here you will be warned that this action will cause big consequences. And you lose not only letters, but also within 5 working days - the daily log, photo and video albums, blogs and access to ""My world"". And if you need to accelerate these processes, then you should make it manually. Except the current password, you should write also the reason of removal of a mailbox.
Within 3 months the access to a box can be restored, but all contents of the account are permanently deleted.

4. In the Gmail mail, that is on it is necessary to liquidate the account too in general. It becomes in settings. Find an icon of settings in your mailbox. It is a gear in the upper right corner. On the opened page find the heading ""My Services"" and to the right of it click ""change"". Select action ""delete Gmail service"".

5. Rambler gives two opportunities to delete own mailbox. First, it is possible to delete completely the name on the portal. For this purpose in the account find the reference ""delete a name"" and pass according to it. Will request confirmation for this step from you. You enter the password and achieve the desirable. Secondly, it can be done by means of support desk: send them the corresponding request, and your mailbox will be closed, but the name - will remain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team