How to beat in a tic-tac-toe of VKontakte

How to beat in a tic-tac-toe of VKontakte

From the moment of the emergence the game "Tic-tac-toe" attracted people with the simplicity: it was possible to play it both on the normal sheet of paper, and on a blackboard or street asphalt. Now, in an age of informatization and a computerization, in "Tic-tac-toe" it is possible to play also on the computer, in particular, on social network VKontakte. But here, unlike desktop option of a game to win it will appear very not simply.


1. In some versions computer you first of all will need to select online of the game "Tic-tac-toe" with whom you would like to battle - against the computer or the real user. Stopping the choice on the computer machine, you should not think that it, as well as in the test version, will be easy to be beaten. Absolutely not. All possible versions of your codes will be for certain provided in its code, the main combinations are hammered and ways of an output from difficult situations are described. Therefore hopes that the computer in the course of the game will make a tactical mistake will not come true. In case of rivalry with the real user the probability of assumption of such error, as a rule, is maximum that says that use of various cunnings and victorious strategy will bear fruit.

2. The most important and, perhaps, the most certain way of a prize at the rival in the game "Tic-tac-toe" is placing of signs on three corners of the game field. Use of such strategy will allow you to have available at once three combinations of a victory. However it is also necessary to note that this way is effective only if your course the first.

3. You can apply the following sequence of steps to a victory. 1. Put the sign (cross) in the central cage.2. If the rival puts the character (zero) in one of the cages noted in fig. 1, then you will have to turn the game field so that this character appeared on top, and then to stand a cross in the lower left corner.

4. If after your course the sign of the opponent appears in any cage, except that that is in the upper right corner, then for a victory you will need only to put a cross in it. If, on the contrary, the rival after all put a zero in the cage which is in the upper right corner, then to you to win, it is necessary to stand a cross in the top, but already left corner too.

5. If after your first course the rival puts the sign in any of angular cages, then or a game will end in the best for you a draw case, or your defeat. This way, as well as previous, it is possible to use only if you go the first.

6. If the first step is taken by the opponent, you should act as follows: - if the rival puts a zero in an average cage, then you should stand a cross in the upper left corner; - if then the opponent makes the course in an average cage in a top line, you will need to put a character in the same cage, but already in a bottom line, thus you win or there will be a draw; - if the rival went to an average cage in the first column, then you go to average that in the third column; if after a character of the opponent it appears in the lower left corner, then for a victory or a draw you will need to put the character in the right top cage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team