How to become popular in twitter

How to become popular in twitter

Twitter is a service of microblogging which for read years managed to become very popular. As a result there were many users who began to use it for self-promotion or advance of a brand. However popular in Twitter to become not so simple.

Perhaps, the most important in promotion of Twitter of the account is content, that is filling, your messages. Users will subscribe to you only if you give them really useful, interesting and necessary information. Therefore at once be prepared for the fact that you should analyze and write much.




First, your information should be relevant if you have the standard user blog. If you advance any company or bring together the interested users on a certain subject, then more attention needs to be paid to usefulness. For example, it is possible to write thoughts of the happened events to the normal blog, and in thematic to send links to useful articles.


Secondly, content should arrive systematically. That is there should not be it that in one day you write 20 messages, and then literally will forget about the account. If you have there is no opportunity to publish constantly, use service of the postponed placement. They can be found easily in the Internet (mainly free).

Thirdly, it is impossible to forget about communication with users, especially, if you have the personal blog. In the interface of this social network there is a special section where you will be able to monitor all records devoted to you. Answer questions of users, leave comments, you joke. All this allows to increase loyalty of audience.

Fourthly, place hashtags. They will allow other users to find records on the same subject. Otherwise your posts will long remain unaddressed.

Other factors

Surely issue the page. If finance allows, then order professional design better. Otherwise you can try to create something beautiful independently. Thanks to hints of the resource, it is quite simple. Also there are websites with already ready templates, but it is better to avoid them not to repeat with other users.

The main indicators on Twitter are readers and readable. Than more readers at you in the account, especially popular it is considered. However users seldom begin to read those who have not enough or at all there are no subscribers. Therefore at the first stage it is better to order professional promotion, and already then to advance a resource independently.

You can find necessary performers at the exchanges of freelance or specialized forums. However it is better not to be fond of this way of promotion as its opportunities are strongly limited. It is better to develop the account naturally and after a while it will begin to gain popularity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team