How to become the blogger the chiliarch

How to become the blogger the chiliarch

The blogger the chiliarch is an owner of the web blog on which pages daily appears from one thousand unique visitors. Such indicator obviously demonstrates that the blog is interesting to readers and brings quite good income to the owner.

Blogs get for various reasons. It is possible to write as a hobby, for the reader, and it is possible also with the purpose to earn additionally. Bloggers chiliarches combine all these pluses and therefore their work is most effective.

Psychology of the blogger of the chiliarch


Who such blogger chiliarch? What distinguishes him from all those at whom it did not turn out to achieve results in a blogging field? And how it is necessary to think to become the successful blogger?


First, the blogger the chiliarch perfectly understands what he writes about. And here it is not so important what subject he will select, both promotion of the websites, and cultivation of the British cats will be interesting to a certain readership. The author needs to be convincing and to represent distinctly that is looked for by the person who came to its website. And, of course, to give it it.

Secondly, the blogger the chiliarch thinks of the readers and tries to be him useful. On pages of the virtual diary he opens trade secrets, shares the practices and tells about himself. The identity of the one who has the blog is interesting to the reader. However you should not go to far in stories about yourself and the habits.

Thirdly, the blogger the chiliarch writes qualitatively. It means that its posts are competent, logical and structured. The design of its blog is executed professionally and with the maximum care of the reader. On the website the functional menu, quantity of the irritating advertizing banners is minimized and, of course, any white letters on a black background.

It is a little about promotion of the blog

The successful blogger at the beginning of the path does not think of monetization (receiving profit). He works hard, devotes to favourite business the main part of time and forces, and qualitative content becomes a result of its efforts. Articles in which the author enclosed the knowledge are valuable to the reader. Behind new publications the user comes back again and again. And they will help to gain income.

The contextual advertizing, of course, is very useful. Competently made settings of Direct Yandex or Google AdWords will promote involvement of new visitors on the website, and useful content will turn them into the interested regular readers.

The successful blogger does not clash with owners of other blogs of similar subject. He knows that with colleagues it is possible to agree about writing of guest posts and thus to interest their readers.

You should not forget also about social networks. Creating on them groups and pages in support of the project, the blogger attracts target audience. On social networks it is possible to give announcements of the posts and to leave links to articles.

To achieve success because of blogging, it is necessary to be the good specialist in the business, to be able to state competently the thoughts, to understand mechanisms of promotion of the websites and to love the reader. Then it will be possible to become the blogger the chiliarch in the shortest terms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team