"How to become the mermaid in ""Sims 3. Paradise islands"""

"How to become the mermaid in ""Sims 3. Paradise islands"""

The game Sims 3 is the best vital simulator and gives the huge choice of actions over the character. Also a game provides a heap of the hidden opportunities: the player can turn the Sim into an angel, the daemon or to make him the mermaid.

There are several ways to make the character the mermaid in the game ""Sims 3"". Also the mermaid can be made the character and in addition in the game "Pets".

How to become the mermaid in ""Sims 3"" (the first way)

It is necessary to create two characters with family relations. At the character whom we want to turn into the mermaid, develop logic to the tenth level and kill with it the second character. For the second character Death comes to take away him. By our character it is clicked to death and we play with it on life. Having won against Death, we save the second character and we improve the relations with Death to friendly. After this improvement in point "another" appears the Change Desire tab. We carry out this change and we select from new desires "Become the mermaid".

How to become the mermaid in ""Sims 3"" (the second way)

We create in a game of the husband and the wife and we occupy them to the house in which there is a pool. We send the wife to bathe to the pool and we pull out a lestnichka from it. After that it is necessary to set all space around the pool with canes. After some time the wife dies, swimming in the pool, and turns into the mermaid.

If it is not possible to put a cane around the pool, then after the death of the character there is a grave, having clicked which we change it to a jug with ashes. Having moved a jug with ashes to the pool, the portal from where the mermaid takes off opens. But from the portal the mermaid not always takes off. From it also the mermaid's ghost can take off. To turn the mermaid's ghost into the normal mermaid, it is necessary, having clicked her, to select the Find Freedom tab. To the player will suggest to sign the contract in which it is required to exchange a voice of the character for a tail. Having signed the contract, the character turns into the mermaid.

How to make the character the mermaid in ""Sims 3"" "Pets"

First of all it is required to enable addition "Pets" to a game. We create surely female character with the longest hair and we develop at him skill Fishery and skill Cookery to the tenth level. After development of these skills we send the character to fish to the pool and we catch a flower on a rod. During a meal it is necessary to put the caught flower in a plate with food. Then the underwater world where your character will become a mermaid begins to be loaded. It should be noted that if to come from the underwater world out of the water, then the character will become the ordinary person again.

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