How to become the popular blogger

How to become the popular blogger

Today the bloggerstvo became quite popular. The blog is as at celebrities, and ordinary users. Have the blog - it not only it is interesting, but also it is favorable.
The blog is a peculiar electronic diary where the owner writes the thoughts, writes various articles, exposes a photo or video.

To become the popular blogger, it is optional to have any talent or to be a popular personality. There are many examples when the ordinary person becomes the famous blogger. By the main thing a condition - subjects in blogs should be interesting to readers.

There are three categories of bloggers: The video blogger – blogs are had in a format of video which bloggers shoot and mount. Subscribing to the channel the audience has an opportunity the first to watch new videos. Tekstoviki – various articles write, at the same time express the opinion, calling readers to get into arguments. Photobloggers – are very popular in Instagram exposing the or someone else's photos. Have the blog this peculiar hobby. Earnings go due to the advertizing, links placed on blogs. Below several types are described.

Banner ad – payment occurs due to transition of the reader according to the link of the advertiser. Advertizing in the video – is advertized a product or service, earnings depend on popularity and the number of subscribers. Paid links – the advertiser pays to the blogger the fee for placement of its link on its blog. Paid posts – to place posts or a review of a product or service of the advertiser on the blog. The popularity of the blog is higher, the customer is ready to pay more. Partner programs – visitors of the blog, following the recommended link, is registered or subscribes to the channel of the advertiser. The blogger receives a certain percent for it and if the blog is quite popular, it is in such a way possible to come to passive income. There is a lot of ways of earnings, but everywhere there is a condition – the blog should be popular.

How to make it? Here several councils from the leading bloggers: The subject of the blog should be well-known and loved itself to the owner. Write about that what you do not know or you do not understand, the first step to failure. Be sincere with the subscribers. When the blog to seem without special enthusiasm, subscribers see it and hardly for a long time will remain with you. The subscriber on the first place – it the motto should be at the good blogger, the reader will hardly remain where there is not enough content, and the blog turned into one big advertizing. Regularity - the more often the blogger spreads new material for subscribers, the it becomes more interesting. The reader will visit more often your blog, to offer it to the acquaintances and friends, and it in turn will bring even more users.

Uniqueness – the blog should be not such, as at all, memorable. Make special design or style, all this will favourably emphasize identity of the blog and will select against the background of similar. Feedback is an indispensable condition for popularity of the blog. Be promised with the subscribers, it will even more expand your contingent. Stock up with patience – to become popular in one day it will not turn out. As one wisdom "Speaks before to take something, it is necessary to give at first something". The more time it will be found for vision of the blog, the quicker it will become popular and brings income.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team