How to begin to communicate on the Internet

How to begin to communicate on the Internet

Useful piece – loneliness. There is time for the analysis of the acts, forming of a view of the world, awareness of the living position and other ""sincere exercises"". But there comes the moment when there is a wish to share the emotions, thoughts and feelings with people around. The person sociable on this case has friends, good friends. If those are not available for you or you wish to expand the circle of contacts, turn the look into the Internet.

It is required to you

  • Computer, connection to the Internet, free time.


1. Get a mailbox on any e-mail server: ""Yandex.Mail"",,, ""Rambler-Pochta"",, QIP.Pochta. If e-mail already is, miss this step.

2. Be registered by the attracted social network, on the portal of acquaintances, at a forum. Them now a set, it is possible to select for every taste. As a rule, there quite simple registration, in several steps. Fill out required fields. Soon on mail the letter will come with registration data (login, the password), and usually the link, for activation of the account is specified there. Click it for transition to the website.

3. Enter the login and the password. The page with your profile will open. Fill it: nickname, photo (avatar), education, interests. Surely look through rules of the website.

Now start viewing questionnaires of participants. Select people with similar interests, communication will so more correct be started. For example, the person specified in the questionnaire that he likes to listen to Mozart and to read works by M. Bulgakov. And you re-read the well-known work ""Master and Margarita"" quite recently. The general subjects will give you rich material for discussions.

4. Select several candidates, write them the hello message. Without familiarities and tactfully report that too you separate similar interests. If the answer arrived (on its tone you will understand, the person wants to continue communication or not), you can give summary of yourself, ask the interesting questions.

If carries, then you will find the good companion, the adherent, the friend with whom continue communication not only on the website in the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team