How to begin to do the website

How to begin to do the website

Today existence of the website in the Internet is not only a way to share information with the world, but also a peculiar business card of the owner. The most important during creation of the website is to select its subject and assignment. Ask yourself a question: "For what the website is necessary?" After the answer to this question you pass to the choice of a hosting, the domain, structure of the website and its functionality.


1. During creation of the website at first the domain name and a hosting is selected. If the website becomes only for itself, friends or just for the entertaining purposes, then will be also the free domain of the third level, approximately such view enough: "имя_сайта.имя_домена.ру". When at the website more specific goals and assignment, it is possible to use the domain of the second level, a type of "имя_сайта.ру". Such website more presentable also emphasizes a serious spirit of the author. Also the fact that the website name is shorter is important, the its address is remembered better.

2. It is important to select hosting option. If on the website the difficult functionality and structure is provided, then it should be placed on a paid hosting. It is worth noticing: if you want to earn from the website, then consider that serious advertisers work only with the websites on a paid hosting. If it is necessary to make the simple website, for this purpose there is a mass of free hostings. But, unlike paid, on them there are some restrictions. As a rule, this small disk space, advertizing of a hoster on the website, and so forth.

3. When the domain and a hosting are registered, time to directly create the website came. To make the simple website with the minimum set of feature and opportunities, it is not obligatory to have big skills in saytostroyeniya, enough elementary knowledge of HTML (language of a hypertext marking). Besides, there is a great number of free designers of the websites. If the website more serious, the average level is required, then, in addition, it is necessary to have decent knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML. These abilities will help to give to your website identity and an opportunity to add some functions. But if you want really professional and full-fledged website, then you need to understand MyCQL, CGI, Java. Everything depends on what you wish the website and for what it is necessary to you. When all aforesaid is made, it will be possible to fill the website with content and to invite to it visitors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team